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Physical vs Mental Health

physical vs mh

Physical Health and Mental Health

There are many links between physical and mental health. Having physical health challenges can increase the likely hood of developing mental health challenges and vice versa, having metal health challenges can often lead to the neglect or dismissal of physical health challenges.

physical mh

Physical activity is a great way to keep you physically health as well as improve your mental health. When exercising we release feel good hormones which helps improve our mood and improve our well-being. Even short bursts of exercise is good for us and it can significantly improve the quality of your life.

This pays a big impact into how our body functions so fueling your body with the right sources is important. You should put into your body what you want out of it, so ensuring you have a healthy balanced diet is a big part of that.

Lifestyle factors
Smoking, substance misuse, poor sleep, factors like these can have a big impact on physical and medical challenges. Trying to get a full night’s sleep can be hard but it is so important to help the body and mind function to the best of its ability. Reducing or cutting out smoking and substances can dramatically improve physical and mental health allowing the body to process things naturally and as efficient as it is meant to.

The mind and body want to work in harmony so promoting your own well-being and healthy lifestyle will only benefit you. Do good things for your mind and body and it will thank you.

Check out how you can help your well-being here.

physical mh


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