Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Children & Young People Mental Health Support


Here are some mental health conditions that you may have heard of:


  • Depression (a helpful Newsround Guide to Depression can be found here) and also see our page on depression here
  • Anxiety (a helpful Newsround Guide to Anxiety can be found here) and also see our page on stress and anxiety here
    • The Priory Group have created this comic strip to help you to understand more about what anxiety is.
  • Eating disorders ( click here for further information from the charity BEAT ) and also see our page on eating disorders here
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (often known as 'OCD')  information can be found here
  • OCD UK - phone 0845 120 3778 ( Mon-Fri 9am-5pm)
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (often known as 'PTSD' - click here for further information.
  • Psychosis, the charity Mind has lots of information on Psychosis here .There are two good videos here on what it is like living with Psychosis 


  • Bi-polar disorder, the charity Mind has lots of information on Bi-polar disorder here  
  • Personality disorders, the charity Mind has lots of information on Personality disorders here . Further information can also be found here Reach out
  • Dissociative disorders, the charity Mind has information on this here
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (often known as 'ADHD') YoungMinds has further information that might help.


Mental illness can develop at any time. It may not last forever and people do get better. Mental Illness is different to developmental disabilities or learning disabilities. Developmental disabilities (such as Aspergers and Autism) are a permanent condition developing in early childhood at the latest. Some people are born with a disability, but others may develop one as a result of an accident or illness when they were a child.  Having a developmental disability means that people find it harder to learn certain life skills.


The following websites have detailed information on different mental health conditions:

  • The Health Talks website gives information on mental health conditions through people's personal experiences. 
  • The Young Minds website has lots of information specifically about young people's mental health. Including information for:

                   Young People                                      Parents

 Asian young woman on stepsyoung girl with her head in hands


  • Cerebra have produced a great guide for parents around anxiety
  • Youthoria is a website for young people in Cambridgeshire which offers information on topics such as bullying, coping with someone dying and self-harm:


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 The Mental Health Foundation have a great A-Z of mental health conditions- It can be found HERE!





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