Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Children & Young People Mental Health Support


Children and Young people, we need your help

Developing Crisis Support across Cambridge and Peterborough

There are currently lots of projects taking place within the CAMHS directorate in CPFT.

One of the areas we are busy working on is creating a new Crisis service for Children and Young people across Cambridge and Peterborough. We are asking for your help in shaping this service.

We have developed two Surveys, one survey is focused on hearing from the children and young people across the county. The other survey is focussed on thoughts from family / and carers. All the information from these surveys will be collated and used to help develop the team and the service.

The surveys can be accessed by clicking on the relevant link below, or typing the info into the toolbar on a computer / phone/ laptop.

The Survey for Children and Young people in helping to develop crisis support can be found here

Closing Date for the surveys are 10th January 2021

Healthwatch Cambridgeshire and Peterborough is an independent champion for health and care. They have conducted two surveys of young peoples views around mental health. This work follows on from our Thriving report, published last year, where young people told us they wanted mental health support that is meaningful and relevant to them. See both reports below.


As part of Being Happy, Being Me, Healthwatch recently visited four local secondary schools to encourage young people to talk about their opinions and experiences of mental health and the services available, give information about services and resources available in their area, think about how they use and understand language related to mental health. Click here to see the full report. A summary can be seen below. 


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Last year Healthwatch asked local young people about their views on mental health and local services that help people out when they are in need of more support, these are some of the suggestions that came out from the report based on young people's views:


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