Thriving Resources

The resources here will guide and support schools in the task of building a whole school approach which is preventive and proactively promotes resilience and positive mental health. This approach underpins a Thriving school community.

The resources include government guidelines and links to national websites which provide information and resources to establish a whole school approach, including assembly and lesson plans and toolkits.

There are no specific resources in this section which can be recommended to children and young people but the next sections on Getting advice and Getting help, also include links to access self- help resources and tools for children and young people who are generally managing well (thriving) Most organisations relating to mental health provide this kind of guidance .

The wellbeing of teaching and support staff is crucially important since they need to be able to manage the impact on their own mental health of challenging situations and conversations. It is acknowledged that materials may change but these websites are reliable and safe.


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This resource is reliant on information provided to us by organisations and partners at the time of writing, therefore the level of detail and accuracy varies across services and some may be missed. We recommend visiting the webpage of a service directly should you require further information.