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Additional resources and online learning

This section contains additional (many links are cited in the 5 sections connected to the THRIVE framework) links to safe and reliable materials for school staff, parents and carers and children and young people.

The links in section 1 are to websites which provide information and advice, tools for self - care and dealing with life’s inevitable ups and downs.

The links in section 2 are for help when things get more serious.

The links in section 3 are to online training resources in cyp mental health.

In addition, many of the organisations listed carry links to other sites including ones that are not mentioned here.

Whilst this resource is aimed at school staff, you can also find various other resources across the website using the following links: 

For professionals 

For children and young people: 

For adults: 


This resource is reliant on information provided to us by organisations and partners at the time of writing, therefore the level of detail and accuracy varies across services and some may be missed. We recommend visiting the webpage of a service directly should you require further information.